Past Members

Past Members

Adam Kizun

    Adam Soane

      Alex Jarosiewicz

        Alex Pulling

          Alex Walker

            Alfie Mason

              Amber West

              1st Dan

                Amelia Singlehurst

                  Andy Greenwood

                    Ben Hoyland

                      Bertie Singlehurst

                        Charlotte Coleman

                          Chris Varns

                            Claire Williams

                              Curtis Whitehorn

                                Dylan Humphries

                                  Ella Baron

                                    Ella West

                                    1st Dan





                                      Ellie Howie

                                        Emma Davies

                                          Emma McLackland

                                            Erin Holbrook

                                              Euan Williams

                                              2nd Dan






                                                George Clifford

                                                  George Hatton

                                                    George Webster

                                                      Grace Leslie

                                                        Graham Soane

                                                        3rd Dan

                                                        Graham is our senior instructor. He has been teaching Taekwondo for over a decade, guiding many students through from beginner to Black Belt.

                                                          Harrison Neill

                                                          2nd Dan

                                                            Harrison Willder

                                                              Henry Fordham

                                                                Issac Leslie

                                                                  Jack Dunesby

                                                                  2nd Dan





                                                                    Jonathan Hallam

                                                                    2nd Dan / L2 Coach / Corner Judge 3

                                                                    Staring TKD at age 6 and receiving his Black belt aged 12 in 2006,from the Keumgang Black Belt Academy in Stockport. He continued to train at Newcastle University while stdying for a degree in Geographic Information Science. After graduating he joined us at Overton in 2015.



                                                                      Jonathan Rivans

                                                                        Josh Hutchings

                                                                          Joshua Thomas

                                                                            Kerriann McLackland

                                                                              Kian Thomas

                                                                                Kris Page

                                                                                  Lara Riglar

                                                                                    Leo Clifford


                                                                                    Dr Clifford is a research scientist. He has experience working as treasurer for the Scouts association and has served as a trustee for several years.

                                                                                      Leo Sinclair

                                                                                        Liam Oram

                                                                                          Lilia Pettener

                                                                                            Lochlan Williams

                                                                                              Louis McLaren

                                                                                                Luca Sinclair

                                                                                                  Lucy Cooper

                                                                                                    Luke Rowland

                                                                                                    3rd Dan