Grading Results for the 15th July 2014

Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe conducted our grading on Tuesday the 15th July.
The standard was very high and he was very pleased with those that graded.

Belt Grade Achived Name
strip belt blue with red tage 3rd Kup Harrison Neill, Robbie Howie
strip belt blue 4th Kup Caroline Beecham, Charlotte Flanders, Natalia Skeen
strip belt green 6th Kup Grace Leslie
strip belt yellow with green tag 7th Kup Louis McLaren
strip belt yellow 8th Kup Amelia Singlehurst, Mike Jones, William Harris
strip belt white with yellow tag 9th Kup Alfie Mason, Callum Williams, George Unitt,
Josh Hutchings, Matthew Harris, Thais Unitt

Well done to everyone who graded!

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