Knives and Edged Weapons!

Paul, Steve Timperly, Dave

Paul, Steve Timperly, Dave

On Sunday 27th April, Dave and Paul attended a Knives and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme (KEWAP) training day at Total Dojo in Milton Keynes. KEWAP is a self defence system devised by Steve Timperley. The main purpose of the system is to raise awareness of the dangers of knife crime and offer some simple evasion and escape principles to train in.

Paul had already been registered as a senior instructor for KEWAP, attending as a refresher. Dave was seeking to be certified as an instructor for the system.

The training was attended by approx’ 50 participants from across the martial arts and self protection genres. Amongst the familiar faces from other training events were Keith and Ric’ from The British React Academy – co- coaches of the F.R.A.C.T. system that Paul utilises in his training and instruction. Friendly banter and hard training were the order of the day, along with tea breaks that Mr Timperley considers “The Law”.

Keith & Ric' from British React Academy with Dave & Paul

Keith & Ric’ from British React Academy with Dave & Paul

Training with Steve Timperley is always a high quality experience. Steve brings a large amount of experience from his time with the forces, including time serving in Basra. He is able to enable others to explore and understand the dynamics of his system in a gentle and light hearted manner that also leaves all those involved with the understanding that this is a serious business.
The KEWAP system has two approaches, one for adults and one for under 16 yr olds. Both have a power point presentation that presents straight forward facts and figures, with instructors finding local statistics to support the material. For the youth presentation a group work exercise is undertaken to explore some opinions around knife crime related issues. For the adult course simple knife evasion and escape drills feature. The aim of these is to offer an insight into how simple, gross motor skill based principles might be applied should a threat be presented. For those more trained in martial arts or physical self-protection the techniques can be built upon to reflect the style or system used. The programme is designed to be delivered around the power point presentation, with “chalk and talk” sessions being interspersed with some physical training.

As Dave was engaged in a group exercise for those new to the programme, Paul was able to train in some Ju-Jitsu based disarms on the ground. This was a bit of an added bonus. Ground work doesn’t feature too much in our Taekwondo training, so it’s good to get some insights whenever they are offered.

It was a great day, with contacts being made and refreshed, with the possibility of more joint training with

other styles explored. The techniques trained were mostly familiar and a great way of reminding us that it is the principles that matter most.

The instructors in Overton have, for a long time, travelled across the country to train with others outside of the world of Taekwondo in an effort to be able to offer realistic self-defence options in our training. Now that the club is establishing its new identity it is hoped that we can all explore some of this learning. Instructors will be building a short “Self Protection” course in response to requests from students. KEWAP, with its down to earth and straight forward approach, will certainly feature. Watch this space!


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