Waterside Test Match

We were kindly invited by Master Colin Graves of Waterside Taekwondo to compete in a Test Match with other local clubs.
This was our first outing as a club at a competetion and Paul and I were proud of our competitors spirit and commitments.
We were ever so pleased by all the performances.

We came third over all and have a cup for the club!

Cup 201406
A special mention for Thais who recived a special award for showing indominatable spirit!


Player Medal
Ellie Hatton Bronze
George Unitt Silver
Thais Unitt Gold


Player Medal
Amber West Bronze
Ella West Silver
Ellie Hatton Bronze
George Unitt Bronze
Grace Leslie Bronze
Jack Dunesby Gold
Mike Jones Silver
Natalia Skeen Bronze
Oliver Hutchings Silver
Thais Unitt Bronze
Tobi Rohanek-Green Bronze
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