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David Pugh

3rd Dan / L2 Coach / 1st Aider David started Taekwondo aged 18 whilst at University and continued to instruct with the University after achieving his black-belt. He has experience in both poomsae and kyourugi competition.      

Natalia Skeen

1st Dan

Mike Jones

1st Dan

Holly Flanders

1st Dan / L2 Coach / 1st Aider Holly started training at the ripe old age of eleven. She has a habit of bursting into song randomly outside of training and if you’re lucky she might do requests. She writes, she sings, she hugs bunnies and she wants to save the planet one species at […]

Caroline Beecham

3rd Dan / L2 Coach / 1st Aid / Trustee Our resident German started practising Taekwondo in 1988 at the tender age of 13, and joined our club in 2013 after a rather long break from the sport. A 3rd Dan Black Belt since December 2019, Caroline also holds the L2 Coaching Certificate and is […]

Ellie Hatton

4th Dan Examineer / L2 Coach / 1st Aid Ellie has trained in Taekwondo from the Age of five, achieving her black belt at eleven, her second Dan at thirteen and her third Dan aged fifteen. She has a wealth of tournament experience, competing in both Poomsae and Kyorugi in Britain, America, Germany and Ireland. […]

Paul Crawte

3nd Dan / L2 Coach /1st Aid /Trustee Paul has experience of training in a variety of martial arts over the years. He is a certified coach with the self defence system FRACT, a Senior Instructor for the knife defence system KEWAP, as well as a Tai-Chi instructor.    

Dave Hatton

4th Dan / L2 Coach / 1st Aid / Trustee Dave took up Taekwondo at the age of forty. He spent lots of his time running his children to classes and thought it was time to join himself. Eight years later Dave was running classes in Overton. He has previously trained in Judo and Fencing, […]